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Machine Learning Makes Antibody Design Possible.
We are developing the next-generation of computational antibody design technology to enable design for challenging drug targets, including G-protein coupled receptors and ion channels.

Our technology allows us to move from target identification to functional antibody in just 6 months.

Machine Learning Design Engine

We design target-specific antibody libraries for every target we pursue.

Our models can intelligently predict sequences with a high binding probability without the need for pre-existing data.

State-Of-The-Art Laboratory Facilities

We prepare unique cell lines expressing millions of the desired receptor.

Screening our target-specific libraries against cells with high receptor counts improves the likelihood of discovering binders with high efficacy and affinity.

Screening and Multiparameter Clustering

Panning outputs are sent for deep sequencing. The analytical arm of our platform clusters sequences across 20 different antibody properties.

Predicted lead candidates showing the desired properties are sent for further functional validation.

Our approach turns the challenges of antibody design into opportunity. If you are interested in learning more about our platform or have a target in mind, contact us at, or fill out our form and a member of our team will be in contact.

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Our Values
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    Challenging Epitope Expertise

    Data quality dictates program quality. Over the last 7 years, we have trained our generative models through several challenging target-focused projects, including G-protein coupled receptors and ion channels.

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    Strategic Antibody Design

    Our multiparameter clustering capabilities means we can select for antibodies suiting your desired properties. We have the capability to design epitope-specific antibodies, optimise physiochemical properties and ensure high humanness simultaneously.

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    Accelerated Timelines

    Our in silico approach augments the efficiency of the antibody discovery process, meaning we can output functional binders in just 6 months*.

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    Personalised Partnerships

    We operate under a wide range of business models, meaning we can tailor programmes towards your specific needs.

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About Antiverse

Antiverse is a techbio company that specialises in antibody design against challenging targets, including G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) and ion channels. Headquartered in Cardiff, UK and with offices in Boston, MA, Antiverse combines state-of-the-art machine learning techniques and advanced cell line engineering to develop de novo antibody therapeutics.

Having developed long-term partnerships with two top 20 global pharmaceutical companies, Antiverse’s unique technology is building a strong pipeline of antibodies across various indications.

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