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We use machine learning to design antibodies against difficult targets such as GPCRs and ion channels.
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Engineering Functional Antibodies Targeting GPCRs in 6 Months
It is difficult to discover antibodies against GPCRs because of cells with low receptor count and antibody libraries with poor specificity.

At Antiverse, we built a discovery platform that develops cells with high receptor counts (1M per cell) and antibody libraries with high specificity against each target.

Cells with high receptor count

Gherici Hassaine, our Director of Antibody Discovery, has built 100s of stable cell lines for antibody discovery in his 20+ years career.

Over a million receptors per cell. Gherici has developed cell lines that can be switched on (tetracycline-inducible) to begin receptor expression. This makes the cell lines less toxic, hence the higher receptor count.

AI-generated  specific antibody libraries

With 5 years of development, we have reached high accuracy in our generative models, enabling for effective target-specific library designs.

Where most rely on generic libraries, we generate de-novo target-specific libraries and focus on functional epitopes.

Deep sequencing and AI-based clustering

In our lab, we screen our target-specific libraries against cells with high receptor counts to reach a high number of binders.

The panning outputs are then sent for deep sequencing and the results are analysed to capture diverse and cross-reactive sequences. Finally, we check the shortlisted antibodies for agonistic and antagonistic functions.

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    We move fast and innovate in our thinking, yet combine this agility with utter rigour and robustness. We are dedicated to delivering reliable solutions.

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    An ugly word for a beautiful idea. Our interdisciplinary approach goes deeper than our science. We believe that the best ideas and the most interesting conversations come from synthesising diverse expertise and experiences.

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    We fundamentally believe in the value of each individual and the worth of their contribution, regardless of the outcome. We thrive best in a nurturing environment, and everything we do is committed to building a supportive culture.

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    We have the potential to transform lives. We will not let ourselves be sidetracked in this calling. We will not fail those whose future we can save.

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Co-founded in 2017, our team is dedicated to engineering the future of drug discovery to change the course of people’s lives. We are passionate about what we do and the impact our discoveries have on patients across the globe.

Based in Cardiff, our expert team spans structural biology, machine learning and medicine - and together, we are striving for that next breakthrough in drug discovery.

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